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Shower Steamer {Rosemary}


Rosemary Mint Shower Steamer

Your dream shower experience has landed. Shower steamers are like bringing your essential oil diffuser into the shower. It acts like a bath bomb in that it fizzes, but it does not release foam, oiliness, nor does it move. It slowly melts while you are in the shower releasing all of the strong menthol + rosemary steam goodness. They wake you right up and you'll wonder why you ever showered without one before. 

*Depending on how long your showers are, you can get 2 showers of out 1 steamer. These some beautifully wrapped or in sets. Perfect for a great gift. 

Warning: These are NOT formulated like bath bombs. They are much, much stronger and should never be used in your bath. Menthol can burn sensitive parts, so don't even test that theory.  

Net. Wt. 4oz. 

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