Pumpkin Harvest -Olive Oil Soap


A warm pie straight from the oven. This beauty has notes of Pumpkin, Sweet Apple, Juicy Pear and toasted almond crumbles. There's a thin line of ground oats and it's topped with Organic Homegrown Callendula from New School Farm in Spokane. Thank you Farmer Whitney!

These are full of Pureed Pumpkin and this batch gets its nice pumpkin color straight from the pumpkin. 


These are a perfect handheld size, in a big 6oz bar. 
This Soap is made of:
Saponified Olive Oil, Purified Water, Sustainable Palm Oil & Coconut Oil, Pureed Pumpkin, fragrance, mica for color, ground oats, callendula

All products are designed, made, packaged and shipped by me in very small batches. This type of soap is a Cold Process method which means that I make the recipe from scratch, not a pre-made base.  Each bar of soap cures for 3-5 weeks. While the soap is curing/drying, water is evaporating out. Weight is determined at the time of cutting. After the soap loses some water weight, you are left with all the good things. This makes a harder, longer lasting bar. 

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