Handmade Felted Wool Acorn GARLAND 12 Acorns (Jewel Toned)


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This is a beautiful handmade Wool Acorn GARLAND that's been needle felted by hand and carefully strung and secured. This is for 1 beautiful full GARLAND. 

I met my extremely talented friend Maggie, about 8 years ago at a craft fair. I fell in love with her and her handmade crafts immediately. She's an English Teacher with 2 small children, and yet still finds the time to pour her creativity into something we can enjoy all year long. And I do. I have a little shelf at home that's full of her needle felt creations and I will tell you, these acorns are just a *bit* of what she makes. 

What makes these acorns so special and unique, is that each one is one of a kind. Slight variations in size and shape. I love that they are not wool balls that were purchased and attached to a cap. They are a true acorn shape and I fell in love with that. I love these so much and you guys, she DRILLS each cap with a teeny tiny drill and feeds the string through. They are approx 8.5' feet long. 

These will be packaged carefully in a gift box to ensure they do not break in transit. What a sweet thoughtful gift to send to a friend this season. 

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