NORTH POLE COAL -Olive Oil Soap (great stocking stuffer!)


Once a year we pretty this bar up to have the perfect Stocking Stuffer. There are tons of items on the market during the holidays that are "Coal" centered, but so many are gag gifts and get thrown away. We love that this is a gorgeous useful product. Our best selling Charcoal Peppermint soap is wrapped in a cute Muslin Bag and Labeled with a COAL label. It's gift ready for that "naughty" person on your list. ;)

Such a good way to wake up! Fresh Peppermint, detoxifying Bamboo Charcoal. This is a must-have bar.

* other photos are pictured with items we also carry. Coal Lip Balm and a Lava Essential Oil bracelet. This is available in a set and makes a great gift. You can find those here

These are a perfect handheld size, in a big 6oz bar. 
This Soap is made of:
Saponified Olive Oil, Purified Water, Sustainable Palm Oil & Coconut Oil,  pure essential Oils, bamboo charcoal

All products are designed, made, packaged and shipped by me in very small batches. This type of soap is a Cold Process method which means that I make the recipe from scratch, not a pre-made base.  Each bar of soap cures for 3-5 weeks. While the soap is curing/drying, water is evaporating out. Weight is determined at the time of cutting. After the soap loses some water weight, you are left with all the good things. This makes a harder, longer lasting bar. 

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