Charcoal + Clay Mud Mask


Charcoal and Clay Mud Mask 

And ultra cleanse with a silky soft blend of luxury clays and charcoal. We tested out many, many blends of clays together and some left that itchy feeling and the need to wash it quickly. The blends that we landed on are silky soft and go on almost gel-like. It's gentle and I leave mine on while I am doing chores around the house and wash it when I am good and ready. Use a wet washcloth and it rinses right off, with little to no mess. This would also wash off super easy in the bath tub. 

You will get a nice good deep down clean with this, but not the feeling of being over-dry. 

  •  Fragrance Free 
  • Want a scrub? Add  a dab of salt or sugar to bit of mask in your hand and apply in a circular motion. Let dry and rinse. Moisturize skin after.
  • New, Larger Jar. Contains up to 15 applications
  • Net Wet. 6oz. 



    Distilled Water, French Green Clay, Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay,  Bamboo Charcoal. 

    Germall ll *A paraben-free preservative added to keep your product safe. (just 1%) is added to safely preserve this product.  


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