FESTIVUS - Room Spray


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It's back! We have brought this back this year, in a limited quantity. Everyone's favorite holiday scent! We miss seeing you at shows, but glad we can provide some cheer right here online. 

If you are new to this spray, it's our usual Festivus blend, which is Blood Orange, Tangelo, Spruce and Champagne. This is on a bath and body base, and can be used in the home and as a perfume oil. We love to add a spritz of this to our tree to boost that citrus and fresh balsam scent. 


Ingredients: A blend of Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, and a bath and body safe base of Cyclomethicone. A dry type of oil that dissipates naturally. 

This is a strong fragrance and the bottle will last quite a while.

These are handy 2oz glass bottles with a nice fine mist spray.  



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