GRAB BAG-Olive Oil Soap (9 bars!)


$54 worth of Soap for $22 (+shipping)

It's been a while since we have offered a grab bag. Going through my inventory and trying to make room, I need to get rid of some great soap. Some of these, I just have 1-3 bars of, the scent may have faded a little, or it was a scent that I tried out and it's the last of it. It just means that I didn't want to photograph them and list them for a few of each. This is the most cost effective way for me to offer you a great bulk soap price.

Normally, these would just be with me at markets, but we are not doing any in person festivals this year, so I need to share them here. At a crazy good deal. Most of these will not be labeled. You will need to be ok with a random assortment, but I can let you know that I *won't* include any Lavender Soaps or Patchouli. 

**SHIPPING: These will be shipped in a Padded flat rate Priority Mail envelope with no frills. No packaging. If you order more than 1 Grab Bag, it will likely bump you to the next shipping size. If there are shipping overages, I will refund those back to you immediately. If you order multiple Grab Bags, we can usually get those into 1 Priority Mail Box, so we can assess that once you check out with your preferred quantity.

These are a perfect handheld size, in a big 6oz bar. There is 9 of them. 
This Soap is made of:
Saponified Olive Oil, Purified Water, Sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil,  essential oils or fragrance, may contain dried flowers.  

All products are designed, made, packaged and shipped by me in very small batches. This type of soap is a Cold Process method which means that I make the recipe from scratch, not a pre-made base.  Each bar of soap cures for 3-5 weeks. While the soap is curing/drying, water is evaporating out. Weight is determined at the time of cutting. After the soap loses some water weight, you are left with all the good things. This makes a harder, longer lasting bar. 

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