Gift Set - Your Dog is Magic


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Is your dog your favorite person? 
Mine is too. This little gift set will help them remember they are the most important thing on earth. Or, they can keep reminding you. Either way, they will feel loved. Once they are out of the bath and rolling on your bed, of course. 

 This is the perfect set for your furry friend, or for your friend who loves their dog more than you find reasonable. These are boxed up and ready to ship as a gift! 

This set includes:

1- 6oz bar of Gentle Lemongrass Olive Oil Soap
Snoot Salve
Paw Balm
 Card  (Leave notes in checkout what you'd like it to say if this is a gift)

Boxed up all cute. It comes with a little card that says "You are Magic" in my 
Uni-Corg design. A Uni-What? I have a Corgi. I can only assume he'd have a Unicorn horn if given the choice. Also, I think he's pure magic. I'll throw a photo of him into the product shots, but to be clear, he's not available or included in your box.  His Name is Lando. 

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